Escrow and Closing

Marketing is only the first step in selling your property. The next phase is managing the title/escrow process for smooth closing:

1. Review the finalized Contract and all Addenda and Counter Offers.

2.  Prepare Escrow Fact Sheet and Timeline to track contingency removal deadlines and specify necessary disclosures and reports needed.

3. Confirm opening of escrow and order of Preliminary Title Report; verify deposits with Escrow/Title Company chosen by Buyer.

4. Coordinate appraisal, pest control and contractor’s inspection dates with Buyer’s agent, and personally attend all inspections as requested .

5. Prepare pertinent documents for Buyer’s and Seller’s approval and acknowledgment.

6. Verify Buyer’s loan application has been submitted to Lender.

7. Review Preliminary Title Report and take action on any inaccuracies. Continually check with Title Company to assess when they need additional information and whether there will be any problems that  could affect the title.

8. Confirm existing loan payoff demands have been ordered by the Escrow Officer.

9. Review inspection reports and counsel Seller through negotiation for any  inspection related credits requested by Buyer.

10. Supply appraiser with list of comparables to support sales price.

11. Confirm contingency removals and pertinent documents are signed.

12. Contact lender to check for potential problems/delays in funding.

13. Supply Escrow Officer with closing instructions.

14. Confirm Buyer has arranged property fire/casualty insurance coverage.

15. Schedule Seller’s signing of closing documents with Escrow Officer and personally attend Seller’s meeting with  Escrow/Title Officer.

16. Arrange for Buyer’s final walk though and transfer of information about appliances, heating etc. from Seller to Buyer.

17. Arrange key transfer with Seller and Buyer’s agent.

18. Confirm actual recordation of the property with Escrow/Title Company.

19. Arrange delivery of Seller’s check and/or transfer of funds.