Voiceovers and Commercial Acting

In addition to her work as a real estate broker and attorney, Robin has developed a career in Voiceovers and Commercial Acting.  As a child, Robin played the part of “Lucy” in the “Peanuts” cartoons, including “Snoopy Come Home,” “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” “You’re Not Elected Charlie Brown,” and “There’s No Time for Love, Charlie Brown.”  She also played a small part in the movie “The Godfather” and was in several commercials. 

After participating in a “Peanuts” reunion and panel at ComicCon in 2008, Robin began training in voicovers and acting again, and is currently signed with Stars Agency in San Francisco.  She has done several commercials and an audio book, and is open to further work in this area.

For more details on Robin’s voiceover and commercial acting work, please see her website:  http://www.robinkohnglazer.com/.